About Creative Concepts Manufacturing

Experienced, award-winning, successful 


TOTAL BUSINESS EUROPE 2019 award : For being the Youngest Entrepreneurs in the Product Development Sector

TOTAL  BUSINESS EUROPE 2019 award : For being the Youngest Entrepreneurs in the Product Development Sector

2019 Hong Kong Most Valuable Company for Home and Lifestyle Innovation


2017 DUBAI 2K17 : Global Leadership of Excellence in Innovations


2016 Global Platinum Awards in the Asia Pacific : For Global Leadership of Business Excellence in Innovations


Game Changers Awards Of 2020

Our History

For more than 40 years, Creative Concepts has designed, manufactured, and distributed products that are innovative and functional, while delivering quality and reliability at incredibly competitive prices worldwide.

Our range of products include home and garden, kitchen, household cleaning, personal care, fitness, automotive, and more. Our team overseas the manufacturing and quality control in order to assure products meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Manufacturers for Shark Tank Inventions


Our Directors

Joe Advani
Managing Director

Responsible for Product Development, Manufacturing, and European distribution.


Vin Advani

Responsible for sales in the North American region which includes the USA and Canada.

Why Creative Concepts?

Our entire team of professionals work hand in hand with our partners and clients to create a long lasting relationship. All of our departments are filled with experts from various fields and skills who come together to design, manufacture, and ultimately deliver products to our clients worldwide. Our goal is to earn and build trust so that you feel confident in every project we work on together.


Our Brands

We are proud to offer a range of innovative, quality products in more than a dozen categories. 


Retail Clients

We supply to hypermarkets, chain stores, mail-order companies, retail stores, on-line sellers, e-commerce websites, small marts, and importers. We put our heart into every project and aim to deliver the best products to satisfy every customer's marketing needs.